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Tera & Charmain In Silk

Hey there again guys, we bring you another Tera Patrick nude update today with the sexy woman partying with another one of her lady friends. The two of them went to a oriental club that regularly allows people to take private rooms for private partying. So the two didn’t hesitate to rent one out after some good times to continue having their fun privately. Let’s watch them go at it.

They were all dressed the part too in some very sexy and enticing Asian outfits that just make your mind wander. Tera lies on her back and presents her pussy to her friend to provide some nice oral pleasure for her. Watch as Charmain licks Tera’s pussy until your favorite brunette porn star orgasms and cums. Suffice to say they both had some wild times this evening at the club. We’ll see you again next time guys! Until then, you can visit the blog and watch other hot chicks licking each other’s pussy!


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