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Tera Patrick videos: Exclusive behind the scenes

Today we have not one, but two Tera Patrick videos for you. This time the sexy and slutty brunette wanted to do another solo session so the thing is a recording of her while she’s posing for the cameras. So for this one you’ll be able to see this stunning Filipina as she’s doing her thing in front of the cameras plus some extra behind the scenes views of her before and after a shoot. Yes even with a small interview where she’s telling quite a few stories while she’s changing. So let’s sit and watch the woman as she does her job.

See Tera as she undresses from her amazingly sexy outfit with that tight corset, and see her show off her amazingly sexy curves for your viewing pleasure. See her as she poses ariound sensually and undressing until she’s completely nude, giving some great glimpses of her superb pussy for the cameras too. And with that we take our leave once again guys. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you again in the next update. Until then enjoy this, check out the rest of her galleries and videos and stay tuned for next week. Until next week guys!

Watch Tera’s exclusive behind the scenes videos!

Tera Patrick video: With Tommy and Nautica

So here we are guys, finally a free Tera Patrick video for all of you to enjoy. In this movie scene Tera is with her best friend Nautica and one of her male friends with benefits named Tommy. And for today the trio will put on quite the show for your entertainment and viewing pleasure. the two women were really happy to have the guy’s cock all to themselves today and they intended to fuck him until he’d not be walking straight the second day. So watch them as they ride him ahrd style in this gallery everyone and enjoy.

Just like all awesome scenes, the two women suck Tommy’s cock to get him all nice and hard. Then Terra takes her spot on his cock riding it in this terapatrick.com update. After she gets her fill of hard cock it’s time for her friend to take her spot, and she does so. Tera moves over her and offers up her pussy to be licked by Nautica, since she doesn’t like being ignored, and she could still use some more pleasuring. Enjoy the video update guys and be sure to check out the rest of our updates too. Also you might watch some I know that girl porn videos if you wanna see other naughty teens getting fucked!

Enjoy as Tera and Nautica take turns on a large tool!

Banged by a horny tattooed biker

Even though today is just a quick update guys, we have some incredible Tera Patrick gallery of pics, just for you. The slutty brunette seems to have ended up in the wrong place for this evening and she’s about to get a taste for some hard style fucking from a lucky guy that was around. She went to a biker bar in hopes of getting a hard fucking tonight and sure enough she got what she wanted.

let’s just hope that Tera didn’t bite off more than she could chew this time. the guy makes short work of undressing the slutty brunette and just bends her over to fuck her doggie style. So without further due, watch as the sexy and hot Tera gets an thorough and hard dicking from behind in this amazing set of images today. We hope you enjoyed it like always and we’ll see you next week with the promised content. In the meantime, you can check out gorgeous KellyMadison if you wanna see other super hot babe getting fucked! Bye!

Tera Patrick treated like a piece of trash

Watch as beautiful Tara gets treated like a piece of trash!

Tera Patrick and Kelly Madison

In this update, TeraPatrick recruited her best friend Kelly Madison from PornFidelity to help her fuck a guy senseless for this session. The two women went clubbing tonight and they intended to get some cock no matter what today. As they were there they scoped the place out before hand and one guy made a lasting impression in their views so the two had their fresh meat secured for the evening, they just had to swoon him over and get him to their place. Some smooth talking later the two women were already on their way back with the lucky guy.

Kelly is really happy to be friends with Tera Patrick as the latter always knows how to make her have a good time, and when they both need cock, Tera always knows how to procure some easily. So without due, sit back and watch the two women do a double blow job for the guy using their juicy and expert lips at the job. Once that was done , the two little sluts take turns riding his big cock and for a great finisher the two hotties present their faces for the guy to blow his jizz load all over their face. Check out the website and find similar content. Bye!

tera-patrick-and-kellymadison-sharing-the-same-cock tera-patrick-and-kellymadison-get-facialized

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Extreme BDSM encounter with Spyder

For this one Tera Patrick returns with the tattooed guy named Spyder once again. But today the two have another extra with them, namely Shye, another hot porn star who is looking great just like Gabby Quinteros and  that’s just as slutty and even more dirty minded than Tera. The trio wanted to do something fresh for today and since Shye really wanted to try out bondage for a while now the other two decided to cater to her need today and satisfy her curiosity. So they tie up Shye and Tera intends to be licking her pussy while Spyder is working hard on her cunt as well. You didn’t thing that Tera would just sit idly by and not take a fucking too, now did you? Hell no she just had to take part too.

So without further due, watch as she bends over to put her mouth to work on Shye’s pussy while Spyder works hard on her pussy fucking her doggie style at terapatrick.com and enjoy this awesome and sensual threesome today. Also don’t worry about Shye, she didn’t just get some oral, she also gets her turn to be plowed by Spyder’s hard tool too. And suffice to say that both women really enjoyed the hard style and kinky fucking they received today. We hope you enjoyed once more and  be sure we’ll be back with more next week. Until then enjoy this and we’ll see you then. Oh and be sure not to miss the next week’s update guys. Until then, check out the http://mikeadriano.me/ site and see some horny babes getting their tight asses fucked by Mike’s big fat cock!


Enjoy as Tera & Shye get tied with ropes and force to cum! 

Tera Patrick anal scene

Tera & Spyder have appeared before together, but in this scene they do a Tera Patrick anal classic fucking for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Let’s just say that miss Tera enjoyed this guy’s company allot the last time they shared a scene so today they’d get to meet up again. oh and you bet Tera was all smiles and happy about the whole thing. So to carry on with the Asian themes fuck sessions, miss Patrick donned a new themed set of clothes,  specially for this occasion. And she looked even more hotter than before. Suffice to say she would be in for some good times tonight, along with the dude, but her even more so. So sit back and enjoy the show!

As the dude walks in she treats him tenderly, caressing him and slowly taking off his clothes and unbuttoning his pants to reveal his big and hard cock. She gets straight to sucking him and she does quite the exceptional job at it too. Well working in the porn industry does net you some pretty awesome cock sucking and fucking skills to be honest and lets just say that Tera here is a grade A student. After she’s done with sucking and slurping on the guy’s cock, they move on to the next part, and that’s what Tera was waiting for. Namely fucking her pussy hard style with his big man meat. So enjoy seeing Terra fucking today guys.

tera-patrick-deepthroating-cock tera-patrick-takes-a-nice-anal-pounding

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Tera Patrick In Hardcore Action

For this update we have a Tera Patrick hardcore session with the lusty brunette and another lucky guy that got to tap that sweet pussy and ass of hers today. Seems that Tera just loves going out to party at clubs and even receive a good fucking on some occasions. For this scene she went down to her favorite one and after some dancing and partying she did get picked up by a guy that found her alluring curves just too irresistible to not hit on her. Some smooth talking later and Tera just grabbed him and they went to the VIP rooms.

Once there you can bet that the slutty brunette made quick work of the guy’s clothes almost tearing them off, and she did so as well with her own. And once naked it was time for the hard style fun to begin. Just sit back and watch Tera as she rides the dude’s rock hard cock tonight and enjoy. When the guy was near the end of blowing his load, Tera pulls out his cock and sucks him off until he blows his big load all over her cute and sexy face tonight. Enjoy and see you next time with more of this superb woman guys. Also you might enter the Czech Streets site and see other beauties riding cocks!

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See Tera receiving a big load all over her pretty face!

Tera & Charmain In Silk

Hey there again guys, we bring you another Tera Patrick nude update today with the sexy woman partying with another one of her lady friends. The two of them went to a oriental club that regularly allows people to take private rooms for private partying. So the two didn’t hesitate to rent one out after some good times to continue having their fun privately. Let’s watch them go at it.

They were all dressed the part too in some very sexy and enticing Asian outfits that just make your mind wander. Tera lies on her back and presents her pussy to her friend to provide some nice oral pleasure for her. Watch as Charmain licks Tera’s pussy until your favorite brunette porn star orgasms and cums. Suffice to say they both had some wild times this evening at the club. We’ll see you again next time guys! Until then, you can visit the blog and watch other hot chicks licking each other’s pussy!


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Sexy Tera and Lucy

For this week’s update we have a gallery of Tera Patrick nude new pictures for everyone. This time Tera called on one of her best friends. And before you ask, yes this hot adult star is also a comrade in the porn industry, and you have to admit that you can’t feel bad about it either. Her friend’s name is Lucy and the two of them will rock your world today with this image set of the two hotties posing outside by a waterfall all dressed in some very sexy and revealing bikinis. So just sit back and enjoy guys, there’s quite allot that you have to see today.

The two hot women are really decided to be the cock teasers for this one and they sure as hell do one amazing job at it too. You get to see them pose around in those outfits and see them show off their amazingly sexy body curves for you. Well to be honest the place was public so they couldn’t get nude, even though they wanted, but we still say it’s  a very nice gallery to behold nonetheless. So just like before we’re leaving this with you to enjoy and we’ll be back soon. Also we’ll have some Tera videos up very soon. Wanna see another beauty getting naughty? Check out this great Destiny Dixon hardcore scene!


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Tera Patrick dp by Tommy Gunn & Jerry

In today’s update we have for you a very juicy Tera Patrick dp session with the lovely brunette porn star and two of her male friends that she called on today to help her with her lust for cocks today. See Tera just needed to have two cocks work on her today and she wasn’t about to have it any other way. As she called them the two lucky dudes knew they were in for some great times this lovely afternoon. So let’s see just how the sexy and hot miss Patrick intends to entertain her two male callers in this afternoon. Well you can imagine.

As they reached her place, she invites them in and quickly locks the door behind them as to be sure they won’t be interrupted for the whole duration of the fuck fest. As soon as she does that she quickly starts undressing them as she can barely contain her excitement and eagerness to be fucked by the two guys. So watch as the lusty Tera gets one hard style and thorough double fucking from two hard cocks today. Be sure to visit again next week for more awesome Tera hardcore pictures. Until then , check out the anal angels site and see some hot chicks getting roughly hammered!

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